Testimonials - Medical Benevolent Association of Queensland
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December 2021 – Anonymous

Today I write with my deepest gratitude as I have just received the keys to a place of our own. MBAQ’s support last year was instrumental in giving me the stepping stone I needed to get my family to a financially secure state and in turn sail through the mortgage process recently – moving us onto bigger and better things (and the end of renting!!)!

I wish to again extend my deepest thanks to the board and all who work to assist Doctors, like me, in our times of need. I hope in a short while I will be able to donate to be able to pass it forward, so to speak.

January 2021 – Anonymous

We are going through an extremely difficult time due to unforseen circumstances but the help from MBAQ will mean so much in that we will have a little breathing room and ability to feel less stressed as a family in the lead up towards Christmas and managing the next 6 months of coping until our situation becomes more stable and manageable.

We very much appreciate the kindness and lengths the organisation goes to in order to ensure doctors and their families are able to cope during difficult times.

November 2019 – Anonymous

We are incredibly grateful to MBAQ for the grant money, which will make a huge difference to our lives. Additionally, we would like to thank MBAQ for making the process so easy.  Obviously if someone is applying for a grant they are experiencing significant stress, so to have the team at MBAQ guide the process and ensure prompt action has been such a relief.   One more unexpected benefit was the gift of feeling cared for.   MBAQ heard my distress, acknowledged it, and offered assistance with no strings attached.  We will never forget the kindness that has been shown to us.

January 2019 – Anonymous

To the board members and staff at MBAQ I would like to say a big thank you for your generous grant to me. I can’t tell you how you have changed my life after the death of my husband and going from comfortable to desperate. I have been able to catch up on rent, pay my debt, buy food and medical supplies for me and my little dog Charliegirl who I thought I may have to put to sleep and have enough to change homes to a cheaper place where I can not only exist but save a little. Thank you so much, I will always remember how you saved me and little Charlie at my lowest point and if, in the future, I save enough to pay you back or give a donation, I will do that. I am so grateful to you for helping me through this hard time. Thank you for your kindness.

December 2018 – Anonymous

I was fortunate to receive support from MBAQ in 2009 and am now able to repay your generosity to me in coming months. I wanted to thank you again for the tact and kindness my application was met with. I was subsequently able to support my two children and pass two fellowships. Thank you for the work you do.

December 2018 – Anonymous

I am so appreciative of the grant from MBAQ. It means so much to me and to my children to have some financial assistance at this difficult time. It will make a big difference and make our Xmas more enjoyable!

April 2018 – Anonymous

That Friday afternoon, as I filled out a couple lines in the box and clicked submit, I wondered if this would follow the course of numerous applications I had submitted for suitable jobs. Despair and distress bring a state of hopelessness as their companion always. But to my surprise, a quick email asking me to complete the attached application arrived the following Monday. But what would I ask for?


To say that it was a terrible phase of my life is to say the least about it. My contract had ended and there was no position looking up in the horizon. Domestic violence and the separation that followed had me nursing my physical wounds and the more difficult aching heart. I was left with the care of my two kids and had no clue as to how we’d go on. Having arrived on board some 3 years ago and a year long maternity break in that time, I was still in the process of getting to know the system, the culture, the people.


I didn’t know what I wanted from MBAQ. It was a chance finding as I was browsing through AMAQueensland’s website for advice.


The application itself made the process easy for me…..listing expenses and asking about financial goals……it got me to what I wanted. But, my state of hopelessness continued. The big figures, my predicament, would be a deterrent, I thought. And soon forgot about it……like it happens with many applications. But it was not to be.


I was pleasantly surprised when Lisa, the kind lady I had been in email correspondence with, rang me and discussed a suitable date for an interview with the team. And there I was……with my naughty 2.5 year old. The team waited patiently for me as I tried to settle my son. They put me to absolute ease from the word go………they were a gorgeous lot! They explained that they would submit a report of the interview and I would be informed about the outcome in 3 – 4 weeks’ time.


This call from Lisa brought the news pleasing to my ears and soothing to my heart…….a decision was made by MBAQ to provide unconditional financial assistance to me!!! I couldn’t believe my ears, but in no time it was in my account, to see and to believe!!!


Though I cannot express my gratitude to the team at MBAQ and its donors in words, it is my endeavor to spread the message that MBAQ has made a huge difference in our lives. The assistance was very generous and also timely. I am not a Christian, but quote The Bible here – “Ask and it is given”……best exemplified by MBAQ.


Thank you